Thursday, 11 May 2017


Equipment List: 

- Thermometers
- 3 beakers
- Protective eyewear
- Magnesium
- Zinc
- Iron
- Sodium Hydroxide   
- Hydrochloric Acid
- Sulfuric Acid
- Stirrer

n Diagram of setup:

Image result for enthalpy experiment

j Procedures:
d1.   Mix Magnesium and Sodium hydroxide in one beaker, Zinc with hydrochloric acid in another, and Iron with sulfuric acid in another.
2. Thoroughly mix the chemicals together in each of the beakers.
3. Measure temperature change of the chemicals.
4. Measure final temperature when it is stable.
5. Perform calculation “temperature change divided by molecule to get kilojoule/molecule.
6. Repeat step 1-5 in order to obtain an average enthalpy.
Risk of Assessment and Management:

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